Going out with the Circus

… so let’s party!

ramblings circus 444

Yes, putting together a mini Circus in our backyard was an insanely incredible feat for one!
But so worth it, though sometimes I wonder if Pinterest is going to be the death of me.
There are way too many great ideas which have taken my simplest of projects and spun them into hyper overdrive.
ramblings circus 12

ramblings circus 17

ramblinga circus 11

ramblings circus 16

ramblings circus 202

I completely love that while everyone was singing happy birthday to “you”, my birthday girl… I mean birthday unicorn hat girl, was singing happy birthday to “me”!

…you can totally tell in the photos!ramblings circus 4

ramblings circus 21

ramblings circus 8

ramblings circus 6a

One of the highlights was having our wonder pup jump through a ring of fire! Little E practiced with her all week and to our sheer amazement she really did jump through the hoop on cue.

ramblings circus 11

Clown noses and live goldfish went home in everyones goodie bags, I’m sure the local pet store’s running on fish bowls this week.

ramblings circus 24

Turns out the balloon pop was a huge hit and had kids lined up all afternoon, only to break away for the occasional snack and cake.

ramblings circus 14

ramblings circus 22

ramblings circus 29

So glad we found the Fred’s crustache sandwich cutter, it was perfect for making mustache chocolate chip cookies.

ramblings circus 19three sisters with staches

ramblings circus 7

What can be more fun than a doughnut eating contest?!

ramblings circus 1ab

I’m so obsessed with these Pottery Barn Kids birthday hats! Not only are they absolutely adorable and very well made, they stayed up on everyones head!

Happy End of Summer, everyone!

WINTERTIME LOVE : {Western New York Engagement & Couples}

Now that we’ve officially started to thaw out here and the snow is almost gone, it’s time to look back at one of my favorite winter engagement session.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.
~Anton Chekhov

a kate reali engagement winter 15 a kate reali engagement wintera kate reali engagement winter 14

a kate reali engagement winter 5a kate reali engagement winter 1a kate reali engagement winter 6a kate reali engagement winter 4 a kate reali engagement winter 10a Kate Reali engagement winter 2 a kate reali engagement winter 3 a kate reali engagement winter 9a kate reali engagement winter 7

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Maple Weekend in New York

Getting excited about this time of year!!! We can’t wait until it’s time to do this again:
  We ventured out in the bitter cold on Sunday to enjoy the morning at Smith’s Maple Farm for
 Maple Weekend, so glad we did but now I want to own my own maple syrup farm.
It was was so yummy and the perfect outing for my brood of sugar lovers and I’m getting much better
 at photographing in gloves, something I never had to do living in the deep south, enjoy the slew of photos.
(re-post from our other blog http://www.ramblingsfromutopia.com)

Burger Fest and Bed Races

A while back I took the kiddos out to an awesome event the little town where I grew up and where my love for hamburgers began, I probably ate my weight in burgers when I was little even though now I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years it doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy a little fun watching the bed races and eating ice cream at Burgerfest.
My two meat eaters, enjoying every bit of their burgers.

Summertime Fun

Our firefly outing was so much fun, especially with this being my kids first time ever seeing them in their natural habitat, even Echo (our dog) managed to catch three…. I mean eat three.